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by J. ManifestO

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"Wake Up" Official Music Video
"Wake Up (clean)
"Mother Sister's Cousin (All Y'all)" feat. JohnNY U. (clean)
"I'm From The 'Side"

"J. ManifestO" is a mix tape made to introduce my new alias J. ManifestO and showcase my raw rhyming abilities to the world. I wanted to cover all basis such as structured songs, story telling, and just raw creative bars. This project will have a more traditional hip hop feel and sound, and will be available for free.


released July 17, 2012

Artwork: Edited by Kon Boogie, Photos taken by Ed Donoso

Mixed by J. ManifestO. Mastered by Imagine That

Production: J. Monopoly, J. ManifestO, The Produce Section, @TheBeatAddict, Thelonious Martin



all rights reserved


J. ManifestO Queens, New York

J. ManifestO is an emcee from Sunnyside, Queens who started rapping after being inspired by close friends who were heavily into Hip Hop as well. After linking with them and two other friends, they formed a group called O.I.S.D. Now solo, J. ManifestO released projects such as "J. ManifestO" "Vicariously..." receiving great reviews from blogs such okayplayer, 2dopeboyz, ... more

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Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up, Wake up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake up
Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up, Get up (2x)
(Verse 1)
I woke up early on my born day,
I'm 23. Jordan on 'em,
even if I'm cordial,
I'm am likely to abort 'em, like an child un-wanted.
On this earth, you've got few choices.
If you live, you gotta work.
Either way you gon' die
So till then, I'm on a high.
No substance abuse is necessary.
I am on a permanent,
y'all visit here is temporary.
Permanent hiatus.
I'm so careless.
Y'all put so much energy
Into things where there's discrepancy,
between you and your calling,
with no means to an end.
I'm seeing this again and again among friends.
They say I changed on 'em.
Switched the name on 'em.
New direction with the flow.
Yeah, I switched a lane on 'em.
Let me introduce myself,
If you don't know me well.
Joey from the 5th floor,
standing 5'12
never seen a cell
never seen a sale
y'all are third eye blind so y'all never see the braille
If you read between the lines it's set up for to fail
So I keep myself in line
Before I kick the pail (huuh)

My heart goes out to the kids
with nothing better to do
And the parents that grew up
with nothing better to do
I ain't gon' preach about
what I think is better for you
But on the real, it's no excuse
You can do better my dude
(Verse 2)
See, I was neglecting school
I was neglecting tools
but I was lucky enough
to not get caught out with fools
My friends can relate
My head was on straight
between Ma and church I,
was scared straight
As a young'n I wondered what it was like out there
My niggas up the block
said it ain't shit out there
Other than friends, it ain't nothing to miss out there
My basketball Jones helped me
skip whats out there
But there's niggas we knew
that got caught out there
Police came through, they got caught out there
Some of them was even in a morgue somewhere
Sometimes I wonder what if I had gone out there
Track Name: Mother's Sister's Cousin (All Y'all) feat. JohnNY U.
<Verse 1>

(JohnNY U)
Look up in the sky
Its a bird, its a plane
(take a look again) - JM
Now its in flames
take another look through the UV rays
through the sun here they come
its the blues brother mayne
(ha, its the blues brother mayne!) - JM
Cheers that go through the town as we parachute down
JohnNY and Joey
like Magic and Worthy
or Scottie and Michael
Holding the title

(J. ManifestO)
This is the part when I step forward
with the good foot
rollin with the crew
(yea, thats a good look)
***** I've been grinding since
land before time
(with a Fossil on)
I ain't on fossil fuel
You be on ya bull****
I be on my pedestal
I be in my penthouse
You be in ya vista view
In the dark, Wesley
I be on my Presley
They be trynna test
Ain't nothing affect me
They got no voice
They got no choice, stuck
just riding the wave like a jet ski
I be on my Pete Rock
You be on my pet peeve
You be on ya xerox
(can't copy and paste me) - JU
I be on a full clip
you be on empty
you be on ya retro
I be on my OG
you be on ya KO's
I be Jack Dempsey
You be, waiting on line like a dial tone
I keep the party going
You callin the police
I be like "bye now"
You be like "hold please"
You be Mick Foley
I'm holding a sledge hammer
while I'm on my Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Yellin out "help me, Help me"
Wicked witch, melting, melting
(J. ManifestO)
Clicking the heels of the finest selections
on the way home from protecting investments

You ain't never seen another
Do it better than the brothers
tell yo Mother's Sister's Cousin
we got something in the oven
cookin for all of y'all
All y'all
All y'all
All y'all
Cookin' for All y'all
All y'all
All y'all

<Verse 2> (JM) = J. ManifestO (JU) = JohnNY U.

Step back take a wiff (JU)
Yea man that's that **** (JM)
Leakin through the speakers
***** knowing who the team is (JU)
and you know who we is (JM)
and if you don't ya mind weakened
ya ears need a cleaning
better take a weekend (JU)
better yet a Deacon
maybe some double A meetings
or maybe a spiritual hand reading (JM)
trynna run with us
better up your laps
weight 59/50 rhyme in ALL CAPS (JU)
got em tapping like Simon
into submission like, I'm in
my MMA rendition (JM)
Man on a ************* mission (JU)
Separating fact from fiction (JM)
Big dogs from the kittens (JU)
Freestyles from the ************* writtens (JM)
Till we trickle down to the sounds of the realist (JU)
Started at apprentice
to jumping head first into the Guinness
studying our killings like forensics (JM)
bodies hang high in suspension
from a red pair of suspenders
set em on fire playing Hendrix (JU)
Line violation, me and JohnNY playin tennis
play the theme music for the real ***** entrance (JM)
and he meant it
feel this from the center of your chest
down to your nerve endings (JU)

(J. ManifestO)
You know we
Got what it takes to move the crowd
O.I.S.D. finna take em out
#TrueClutchClan ima say it loud
Say it loud

Track Name: Extravagant feat. MC Elijah Black
Elijah Black:

J. ManifestO verse:

Brace ya self like broke necks
I ride for my team period, no Kotex
No stress,
Burberry be the boi specs
My vision clear like direct deposit
No checks
Like addidas
Before you say I back peddle like revis
Let me give you inner look like cleavage
This ain't lebron leaving Cleveland
This is a fly guy spreading wings like eagles
So he could leave the nest
As one of the greatest speaking
A circle full of leaders
A generation with lack of
So I move forward with the force of a Mack truck
Bosom brothers fresh off the umbilical
together, but we gotta spread the word syllables
So we can give the world sight through visuals
If life was an album you would be an interlude
Back to the music the money and the fame elusive
My a grade lines should do it
I make a b lines and go straight to it
I'm praying that it's more than music
I can do it, like water boy
Stream the music
The extravagant emcees
Been embarrassing
These lil guys
This ain't a song it's more harassment
Peep the separation we establishing
Away from the lazy and less talented
We extravagant
All I do is over do it
So I do it over till you say
Respect is over due
Track Name: Monologue
Yall should know from the gate
win or lose
last we do is procrastinate
we get to it
is the reason we able to still do it
many in the past can still do it
but useless
far away, lead astray from the rubric
black boy from queens getting the dirt out ya ear
replace it with true shit
born not of a tribe
but on a quest
with 5 or fever
5 leaders, 5 readers
5 eager to teach ya
5 guys no pizza
never divas
saying never say never
except for never never dope beats
always hold ya own
preaching from churches to tabernacles
from peach streets, to rotten apples
Robert Horry daggers to ya Adam's apple, yea
out of no where unexpected.
first thing I learned there is no transgressions
only if you get caught there's only transgressors
so learn to be aggressive
manifest the best shit
set the bar high and reach towards it
jump for it, don't wait for it
don't pray for it
pray for guidance
pray to be street wise as well as conscience
don't just kick knowledge pick it up
always grab life by the horns and live it up
give it up
I'm only here to elevate the dream chasers
and tell you keep your head up like neck braces
I wear mines' on my sleeve like BFF bracelets
I do it for graffiti property defacers
and the ones who hold toast like wine tasters
free mason type of flow the way i build
and grow in degrees, no Celsius
no church for the merciless
kill the rapper and the beat
2 double parked hearses
either that or bunk bed caskets
save the bullshit for them other suckers
never anti-muslim but going
Hard As a Motherfucker

They should call me saint manifesto
Cause I speak in parables
Born Sagittarius I'm working on my arrow throw
Eye on the sparrow,
Mind over matter
Pissed off
Cause I got in the bag
Like I don't got a bladder
I don't have a latter
I'm the first option
No second choice all offense
I keep my poise
Even when infected with the poison
I seek destroy percussion
Till they cease to bring they noise in
Take em to the point I
Live better or die
Quake to soil my oats
And leave em shaking like a fault line
Of course I'm the divorce meets plus minus force, ahh
Splitting atoms getting past the fog from the a bomb
Falling from the sky like an acorn
In a red hoodie like treyvon
Or all black, akon
I ain't air jordan but I ain't one to front on
You here cause lebron need somebody to dunk on
I gotta sell posters
Your the poser
In the portrait
I'm bringing down the house, foreclosure
You gon need more than 4 clovers
You gon need a heaven high ladder to go over the bar that I set in the game
No matching me
Hear the racket I'm producing your catastrophe
Any more blasphemy
Leading to some casualties
The stable been enabled
To live past the fables that was told to the youth
That's why the dreams sold on cables proven far from the truth
And the things we been promised been far over due.
So we gotta build our dreams from scratch at the stu
So i speed like a Nissan and run over beats then jolt
Leave em hanging with peace sign checking for the pulse
Hanging on for dear life to eighth note
Mindset on ASAP trynna get a peso
I'm built for it, y'all Legos
Nigga let's go
That boy J cold
Since a day old
Boy stay Professional
This is my processional
To the top of the world, I J ManifestO
Track Name: Runnin' Child feat. JohnNY U.
J. ManifestO verse:

He was running 'round sick in the head
caught in a trance
stuck in hell till he saw the devil
shall we dance
standing in a fighting stance
one middle finger up
other hand on his pants
only thought in his mind is never slip
funny 'cause all he ever cared about was a grip
hardly drunk
rarely ever took a sip
but spent more time behind bars
back and forth
for taking shots with dudes
that take stand on a stool
forgot the streets never had rules
always had tools
like the iron, or putter
to leave your life drained
start a stream to the gutter
put a whole in one with the eagle
till a birdie told on em
now he pull bogeys on the island
as a kid had a frown for a smile
he was wild then
since then he couldn't pick up his pants

JohnNY U's verse